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15th June 2011

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Everything is Coming Up Sasquatch (4 Confirmed Sightings in as Many Days)

by Brian Balderston

Sasquatch Sighting #01 

21 April 2011

Picked up Showpaper Issue #103 at The Levee on the corner of Berry and North 3rd in Brooklyn at approximately 5:23 PM.  Cover art by Megan Whitmarsh depicts several Sasquatch-like creatures milling about what looks like artist studios or an arts and crafts show.

Sasquatch Sighting #02

22 April 2011

Upon leaving the apartment of a friend at Hope St and Berry in Brooklyn I come across a box of discarded magazines.  First magazine I pick up has cover art by Bigfoot One depicting an earnest looking Sasquatch holding a gnarled cane.

Sasquatch Sighting #03

23 April 2011

A Sasquatch makes multiple on stage appearances at 80 Greenwich St. in Manhattan during The Main Attraction, a play written by John Douglas Weidner.

Sasquatch Sighting #04

24 April 2011

Perused a month old copy of The New York Times Style Magazine at 127 Montrose Avenue in Brooklyn that included an article about Humboldt County, California.  Apparently, there have been enough Sasquatch sightings in the area to warrant a local museum dedicated to this forest dwelling enigma.

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